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About CIRK-L



After many years of using workwear, we asked ourselves three questions that became the basis for CIRK-L Workwear:

- Why do all work clothes look basically the same when different tradesmen carry significantly different tools?

- Why is the whole product usually discarded as soon as one part is worn out or broken?

- Why aren't there top quality workwear with smart features at reasonable prices?


Based on these questions, CIRK-L was founded in 2020 with the aim of challenging, and fundamentally changing, the construction and industrial workwear market. A traditional and linear industry that has been stagnant for far too long. Until now.

Big words perhaps? If you want to know more about how we intend to achieve it, and perhaps join us on the journey, you can continue reading about our three concepts that are at the core of CIRK-L Workwear; Modular Products, Circular Sustainability and Premium Value.

Modular fuction


Having worn workwear for many years ourselves, we were struck by the fact that all work trousers looked more or less the same. Whether they were to be used by a carpenter or an electrician, all the pouches were virtually identical, despite the fact that they use significantly different tools.

Our ambition is to create the next generation of workwear where every craftsman can create his own solution, based on his own needs, with our modular workwear.

Circular sustainability


After having worn out far too many work trousers and having discovered a "wear-and-tear" mentality regarding workwear, it became clear to us at CIRK-L that there was a need for change.

Our ambition is therefore to create a circular business model that provides economic incentives for both us and our customers to choose solutions that are resource-efficient in a way that minimises the environmental impact of production and maximises the lifetime of each component.

Premium quality


By selling directly to you, the end customer, we cut out unnecessary middlemen and can offer you durable, top-quality products at attractive prices. We simply offer more for less.

In addition, we operate in a digital ecosystem that offers us new ways to find and serve you as a customer. Meaning better & faster service, as well as better value for both of us - including for the environment.