Our circular sustainability work | CIRK-L Workwear



Our commitment to sustainability starts with you, our customer

We can all agree that we need to make the transition to a more sustainable society, but for this to become a reality we need to make it easy and affordable to choose the more sustainable option. We believe that you, our customer, should not have to compromise between sustainability and getting the best product with the highest service at an affordable price.

So instead of temporary sustainability projects or separate "green" collections, at CIRK-L we have integrated sustainability as a natural part of everything we do. Our sustainability work always starts with our customers' needs for functional and comfortable workwear of the highest quality. For each component, we always try to use the most sustainable solution available on the market, which is integrated into our iterative development process. We constantly challenge ourselves and our suppliers to find the most sustainable solutions for the future. This is what we call Circular Sustainability.

As sustainability is a complex issue, we have defined three principles that explain what Circular Sustainability means to us at CIRK-L Workwear.

Circular business

Circular Business Model

Our goal is a fully circular business model where sustainability and economic performance go hand-in-hand. We want to create services that create alternatives to always buying new, services that should be simple, convenient and cost-effective, but above all a better option for the environment. To achieve this, we now offer spare parts, and in the future we will offer repair services, kickback on returned garments and a secondhand shop.

Our ambition is to create an attractive financial incentive for ourselves and our customers, while also allowing them to choose more sustainable options. This way, together we will maximise the lifespan of each component and minimise the use of new materials.

Optimized lifecycle

Optimised product lifecycle

According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, more than 90% of all impact to climate change from textile consumption arise from purchases of newly produced goods. They go on to say that the best thing we can do to reduce the environmental impact of textiles is to ensure their long lifespan and that products are used and reused as many times as possible.

Maximising the life of our workwear starts at the drawing board. We've designed for circularity through our modular product concepts, allowing only the worn or broken component to be replaced. When this happens, we offer spare parts so that the other components can continue to be used. With our repair service, any replaced components will also get a chance to be used again. This is how we maximise the life of our workwear.

Fair and equal

Fair and equal working conditions

We believe in a sustainable world for all. Not only does that include the equal value of all people, but also fair economic conditions for all. This is a prerequisite for choosing sustainable options.

We work with our suppliers to ensure they respect and comply with existing frameworks for fair and equal working conditions.