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Having used workwear for many years, we became convinced that there was room for innovation in workwear. With long experience in the textile industry and new perspectives on workwear, we wanted to create new innovative and unique solutions. We wanted to create solutions where every craftsman could adapt his workwear to his needs and wishes, instead of craftsmen adapting to the workwear, which is the reality today.

The result was a modular product concept that offered new possibilities for creating flexible functions, ergonomic comfort and quality that lasts over time. It was the basis for our ambition to create the next generation of workwear.

We also realised that our modular products generated new opportunities to create Circular Sustainability. This is how we will contribute to drive the transition to a more sustainable society.

Flexible functionality

Flexible function

We started CIRK-L with the ambition to create modular workwear that gives you the flexibility to create your own unique solutions based on your unique needs.

You can easily adapt your workwear to the working environment and weather conditions, and with our patented ClickSlide system you can switch seamlessly between different pouches and tool holders depending on the task at hand.

Ergonomic functionality


We have developed our workwear to meet, and exceed, even the highest expectations in terms of ergonomics and comfort.

Full stretch Cordura fabric used throughout gives you flexibility and freedom of movement without compromising durability. The sturdy waistband with integrated belt and cushioning at the back, provides stability and relief when carrying your tools.

Work jacket - detail pouch and zipper
Quality over time


In traditional workwear, it is the weakest point that determines the life of all components, because when one component breaks, the whole garment is usually discarded. The result is a short garment lifespan, which in turn means that it is not economically viable to invest in more advanced features or top quality materials.

With our modular product concept, we can separate the lifespan of one component from the another, thereby optimising the viability of each part individually. This allows us to invest in the highest quality that both provides you with a unique user experience and ensures that the lifespan of each component is maximised. Quality always wins in the long run.