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Warranty for defective goods


1 Defects at delivery

Should you receive a defective or misdelivered item, please contact customer service directly for the fastest service, but no later than 14 days if you as a customer were prevented from examining the item upon delivery. We will accept the fault report and get back to you with return instructions. In the case of sales to consumers (private individuals), the Consumer Sales Act stipulates that CIRK-L must remedy the defect or make a replacement if this can be done without unreasonable cost or inconvenience to CIRK-L. Furthermore, CIRK-L always has the right to remedy the defect at its own expense, e.g. by repair, or replace it with a faultless product.

2 Failures during the warranty period

We guarantee that the goods you order will be free from manufacturing defects for one year, and the guarantee is valid from the date the product is collected from the retailer or delivered. The guarantee does not apply to defects arising from or following your own alteration of the product's function and appearance. It also does not apply to external damage to the product, such as damage caused by dripping, moisture or normal wear and tear.

3 Complaints

Notification of a defect in goods must be made within a reasonable time after you, the customer, discovered, or should have discovered, the defect. In any case, the right to complain about a product expires after 1 year, and only the original customer has the possibility to complain to CIRK-L.

4 Warranty period

We always give a one-year guarantee on the products in our range.

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