ClickSlide Holders - Flexible storage

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  • Hang up your pouches
  • Fix into wood with screws
  • Fasten in sheet metal with bolt/nut
  • Adapt to your needs
  • Endless possibilities

Our ClickSlide Holders create versatile options to create convenient storage for your CIRK-L pouches and tool holders.

ClickSlide Holders can be attached directly to wood thanks to the screws provided. This allows you to easily create a tool board in your workshop or work van with a plywood board, or you can simply attach them to the nearest wooden beam at your workplace.

A bolt and nut are also included, creating the possibility of attaching your ClickSlider Holders to various thin materials, such as a sheet metal tool board or a TANOS system container.

ClickSlide Holders provide endless possibilities for you to create a storage solution that is tailored to your needs.