Midi 1-1 Material pouch

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  • ClickSlide buckles
  • Convenient material pouch
  • Molle straps for accessories

Midi is our medium-sized pouch model that offers great storage space for the essentials. The pouch quickly and easily attaches to our work trousers or work jacket with CIRK-L's patented ClickSlide system.

Midi 1-1 has two compartments, one inner and one outer, which makes it a practical and handy material pouch for screws, dowels, nails or similar.

The pouch is made of a strong Cordura that is stabilized with EVA-foam, resulting in a robust and extremely durable pouch. The stability of the material allows the pouch to hold its shape and openings to remain open for maximum accessibility.

Molle straps on the outside of the pouch make it possible to attach extra accessories such as a Pica pen, bite set or similar.