Modular Pants – Snickare

1599 kr ( Exkl. Moms )

Size instructions


  • On / removable pockets
  • Removable pockets
  • 100% stretch fabric
  • Durable Cordura
  • Knee protection pockets
  • Integrated belt
  • Maxi 4-3 Carpenter’s pocket
  • Maxi 1-1 Material pocket

Komplettera med:

Flexible pockets increase productivity and reduce load
Our patented ClickSlide system makes it possible to quickly and smoothly switch between different pockets and tool holders before each task. Wear what you need, neither more nor less.
Furthermore, it is easy to move the work pocket along the waistband during the work to adapt to different working positions, for example, you can slide the pocket to the side of the hip during kneeling work.

Pockets adapted to carpenters
In our carpenter’s model, the trousers are supplemented with the pockets Maxi 4-3 and Maxi 1-1.

  • Maxi 4-3 is specially developed with the carpenter in mind. The pocket has a total of 8 compartments and inside there is a special compartment that provides space for both a ruler and a quick angle. Then there are 4 compartments and then 3 outer slightly lower compartments, which creates space for most tools a carpenter carries with him.
  • Maxi 1-1 has two larger compartments, one inner and one outer, which makes it a practical and spacious material pocket for eg screw, plug, nail or similar.

Stable waistband with integrated belt creates good relief
In order for the trousers to stay in place even under load, our work trousers have a sturdy and stable waistband that is held in place by the integrated belt. It provides good relief and high comfort while the trousers are in place and you do not have to pull the trousers up in time and out of time. For extra high loads, we recommend supplementing the trousers with our specially adapted braces Modular Straps.

Durable Cordura fabric means quality that lasts over time
The trousers are made of high-quality Cordura fabric that is light and flexible while having exceptionally high durability. Other brands usually use Cordura fabric to strengthen the knee panel, pockets or other wear surfaces, while we have chosen to create the entire trousers in Cordura to maximize the durability and longevity of the product. Quality always pays off in the long run.

Good fit and 100% stretch fabric provide optimal comfort
With the ambition of creating work trousers with the highest comfort on the market, we have optimized the fit down to the smallest detail. In addition, we have chosen full stretch throughout the pants, which creates optimal freedom of movement and comfort for you as a user.

Knee protection pockets with two height positions
The trousers have knee protection pockets with an opening from the inside and with two different height positions. It guarantees the best comfort and protection for your knees.

Replace lower legs / knee
panel Detachable lower legs enable the trousers to be quickly converted into shorts if the weather changes. If the knee panel wears out, the lower leg can easily be replaced with a spare part, and the rest of the product can continue to be used. Good for both the environment and the economy.


How to choose size

Our sizes can be easily translated to traditional C-sizes according to the table below. To ensure the best fit, however, we recommend that you measure your waist width and compare against row A in the table below. If you are unsure or lie exactly between sizes, also measure body length, butt width and inner leg length and tune in rows B, C and D in the table.

Primarily measure your waist width (in centimeters):

A-Midjevidd 79-83 84-90 91-96 97-103 104-110 cm
Motsvarande C-storlek c44/46 c48/50 c52/54 c56/58 c60/62
Om du är osäker eller ligger precis mellan storlekar, mät även följande måt:
B-Kroppsslängd 174-178 179-182 183-186 187-190 191-195 cm
C-stussvidd 93-98 99-104 105-110 111-117 118-124 cm
D-Innerbenslängd 84-85 86-87 88-89 90-91 92-93 cm
Size table