Hammer Holder - Adjustable

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  • ClickSlide buckles
  • Select loop size
  • Adjustable angle

Innovative and adjustable hammer holder that quickly and easily attaches to our work trousers or work jacket with CIRK-L's patented ClickSlide system.

The hammer holder is adjustable in two perspectives. First, you can adjust the size of the loop to optimize fixation versus accessibility for your particular hammer. Second, you can adjust the angle 45 degrees to facilitate hammer insertion and removal. Given that the holder can be angled 45 degrees in either direction, our hammer holder is equally suitable for right and left-handed users, or on the right or left side.

The leather loop is 10 cm high, which ensures that the hammer stays in place even when you're on the move, without swinging back and forth.

By choosing the smallest size of the loop, our hammer holder is also ideal for easily accessible storage of the angle hook.