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We help you create your unique company profile


A uniform and stylish outfit with profiling gives a professional impression to your customers and strengthens the team spirit within your company. Below we describe how you can easily create your company profiling at CIRK-L Workwear.


1. Order transfer printing

We offer:

  • 50-pack in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-colour printing
  • 5-pack in 1-colour printing
  • 3 different sizes adapted for different placements on garments
10x10cm - small chest print or back pouch
10x20cm - bet
25x15cm - large chest or back print

See our range of transfer prints: here

Please note that the cost shown is for the transfer prints only, you need to order the application as per point 2 separately.

If you don't use all the transfer prints on the first order, we'll save them for you for the next order. If you wish, we can also send leftover transfers with your delivery, just inform us by email at [email protected].

2. Choose application

On all printable products, you can easily choose the application under "Add print".

One application includes the cost of heating for transfer printing and it is therefore important that you add one application per logo and garment to be heated. For example, if you order two pairs of trousers to be printed on the right back pocket and left calf, you should add a total of 4 applications, 2 right back pocket and 2 left calf.

What, choose right/left
Back pouch, select right/left
Small chest pressure
Great back pressure
Small chest pressure
Large chest pressure
Small chest pressure
Great back pressure

See all placements: here

Please note that the cost shown is for application only, you will need to order transfer printing as per point 1 separately.

3. Mail in your logo

Once you have placed your order, you will also need to email your company logo to [email protected]. The file needs to contain a vectorised version of your logo and can be in .eps, .ai or print-ready PDF file formats. We will help you adjust the size to the chosen format for your transfer prints.

4. We deliver fast

Even with print, we strive to deliver fast and smoothly directly to you. At the same time, handling with print means a little extra lead time, which adds up to a week to the delivery time.

Please note that the right of return and the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee do not apply to printed garments.